Spot Festival

With spring comes snowdrops and street festivals. This week it was time for Indie music to possess the stages. Spot festival had come for its annual appearance.

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The festival focuses on Nordic acts; lyrics mentioning birch trees, performers with dirty blond beards, exquisite knitwear and thick braids. But despite hints of northern folklore the common musical base seems stemmed out of a musical heritage based on the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones etc.

Bands that caught my attention was Finish Kiki Pau who delivered a well layered jam meltdown. The only annoying part was that they played the concert mainly from behind their eyelids.

Another was Highasakite. The scene set up was gorgeous. I thought they sounded like a blend of Lykke Li and First Aid Kit, but with a spiritual injection.

I also liked Norweigan band Young Dreams even though I only caught the end of their set. This song (below) was blasting live. The music video is sickly pretentious but played live the song was soaring because of the mix of indie dreaminess and the tough house foundation which was loud and eager.

And while we are talking about nordic indie music, I would like to point you to their own Arcade Fire slash indie folk idols: Rumour said fire.