Horse meat and hot tubs

Aarhus is a very cool city. Its shops may have lame opening hours but there is a rich cultural life, a diversity of people and a young pulsating stream of idealism in this city. How do I feel it?

I could see it clearly through the steamy fog raising from the surface of a hot tub at a house party I went to this weekend. I wasn’t distracted by the smell of horse meat that had been baked in a DIY earth oven. The meat was flaunting its provocative flesh from its royal spot at the buffet table. Some people can look through scaremongering and ignore it like diving through flaming hoops. Some people live their whole life with bruised toes.

Now follow me inside the house. The DJ is bowing out to a gleefull crowd to make room for the second band of the night as the crockets croak the advent of midnight. A gentle trombone player blew a new sense of suspense to the atmosphere. He was shortly followed by a dozen instrumentalists around him. The band and dancefloor sent the room purring like a cat. I couldn’t place the music  but was told it was maybe Ethiopian jazz funk.


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